CSI-143 (Bending Forms )
The CSI Bending Form is used for bending polymer samples to a preset radius of stress, in order to determine stress-cracking resistance.
Various forms are available for different stress levels and available in stainless steel or aluminum.

Model CSI-143-04L Elliptical Dow Bending Form
Low Stress
Per Y = 1/16 (400-X)

Model CSI-143M Elliptical Dow Bending Form
Medium Stress
Per Y = 1/4 (400-X)

Model CSI-143H Parabolic Dow Bending Form
High Stress
Per Y = 6x

Model CSI-143GM Elliptical Bending Form
Per GM 9308P test method

GM 9308P test method Stress Cracking (Crazing) Elliptical and Parabolic Bending Form Method