CSI-79 (Accelerated Soil Tester )
The CSI Accelerated Soil Tester is used for evaluating the degree of soil-resistance finishing properties of textiles and carpeting.

The ball mill soiling apparatus is constructed as shown in photograph. The ball mill is equipped to hold four samples of fabric on its periphery. The apparatus rotates at 360 rpm. With the direction of rotation reversing every two minutes.

The reflectance of the fabric samples can be measured with either a photo volt photoelectric meter using a green tristimulus filter and 610-D search unit. Secondly, a spectrophotometer using the reflectance at 557 mu, or a Color Master using a green filter only or Color Eye, using a green filter only.

The soil capsule contains a removable screw at one end for filling and holes through which the soil is deposited on the fabric sample. The synthetic soil used in this soiling test is prepared by blending the ingredients such as peat moss, cement, kaolin clay, peerless, Silica (200 mesh), molacco furnace black, red iron oxide N-1860 and mineral oil (Nujol).

Standard features include:

Single doiling drum.
Single soil capsule.
Capacity four test samples.
Rotation 60 cycles per minute.
(60) Steel balls, 0.5” diameter.
Programmable Cycle Timer 0 to 60 minutes.
Rotation Reversal every 2 minutes, factory set.

“Textile Finishing Bulletin #150, Soil-Resistance Treatment of Fabrics” – American Cyanamid Co.