CSI-115 (Smoke Density Chamber )
The CSI Smoke Density Chamber is the standard instrument for testing the smoke generating characteristics of airplane passanger cabin interior materials.

Model CSI-115 main features include:

Test Chamber, Square-cornered cabinet.
Inside Dimensions: 914mm W x 610mm D x 914mm H.
Interior surface of chamber are porcelain-enameled metal.
Hinged Door with Viewing Window.
Air Vent for Pressure Equalization.
Manometer: 6 inch WC.
Pressure Regulator.
Test Chamber wall Thermocouple.
Radiant Heat Source: irradiance level of 2.2 Btu/s.ft² (2.5 W/cm²).
Specimen Holder, exposed area 2.56 x 2.56 inch up to 1.0-inch thk.
Six-Tube Burner.
Photometric System.
Pilot Burner: Stainless Steel Construction.
Multiple flamelet, 6-tubes and manifold.
Gas Flow and mixture controlled via Calibrated Flowmeters.
The Secimen Holder is made from stainless steel
Drip Pan.
Retaining Rod and Spring.

The Photometric System includes:

Collimated Light Beam Source.
Photomultiplier, S-4 spectral sensitivity.
Compensating Filter Set.
Connector for Chart Recorder (or optional PC).
Radiometer: To standardizing the radiant heat source.
Stainless steel reflective shield.
Air cooled finned cooler.
Digital Display.

FAA Aircraft Material Fire Test Handbook, Chapter 6