CSI-145 (Air Flow Tester )
The CSI Air Flow Tester determines the resistance to airflow of foams or textiles. The airflow values are affected by membrane population and this characteristic can be related to certain foam physical properties. The air permeability of cloth is an indication of breathability. These instruments are also used for the airflow resistivity of porous materials that can be used for the absorption and attenuation of sound. This includes thick boards, blankets or thin mats papers and screens.

Two models are available.

Model CSI-145B Air Flow Resistance Tester is a Bench unit, recommended for stationary use or inside a laboratory. Operating range id from 0 to 25.0 scfm.

Model CSI-145P is a portable instrument for field use due to its light design. It has a maximum range of 16.0 scfm air flow capacity.

ASTM C 522
ASTM D 3574