CSI-15E (Flex Testing Apparatus )
The CSI Flex Testing Apparatus is used for testing durability of coated fabrics of relatively light weight construction, due to flexing condition.

Model CSI-15E standard features include:
Six test stations for simultaneous testing.
Flat type grip sets: One Fixed, One Reciprocating.
Adjustable Stroke rate.
Predetermined type electronic counter with reset.
Stroke Rate: 5 Cycles per second.
Stroke Length: 57-mm.
Start-Stop test controls.

This instrument is available with an optional Conditioning Chamber which include:
Stainless Steel Console.
Side glass window and slide access doors.
Low Flow Air Ventilator.
PID Temperature Controller.
Electric Heater and Water Cooled heat exchanger.

ISO 7854
BS3424 Part 9 Method 11A