CSI-163D (Digital ZDT Tester )
The CSI Digital ZDT Tester is specifically designed for measuring the internal bond strength (z-tensile strength) of paperboard and papers when tested under certain laboratory controlled conditions.

This sturdy, compact unit introduces increased accuracy and ease of operation to perform the Z-Direction Tensile (ZDT) test. Auto-cycling provides optimal efficiency and reduces the risk of operator error. Samples are easily mounted to test platens with double coated tape. Permanently mounted platens guarantee against skewing, and assures uniform compression. A self-aligning test head compensates for any lack of sample surface parallelism ensuring reproducible test results.

Standard Technical Features Include:

Automatic cycling.
Digital force display.
Variable dwell time.
Variable compressive force.
Serial/parallel porting.
Reports in psi or kPa.
Higher range load cells available.
Calibration of Tensile Force Sensor only takes minutes and improves test accuracy.

Model CSI-163D is available with an optional computer communications system, comprising of Test Software (Windows based), Connecting Hardware and Computer/monitor/Keyboard/mouse. Available with optional host computer and Windows based Test Software. It can instantly produce a written report with all pertinent information. Data reports are saved using standard windows conventions.