CSI-170 (Stress Crack Resistance Tester )
The CSI Stress Crack Resistance Tester is used for the determination of environmental stress crack resistance of polyolefin geomembranes using the notch constant tensile load test method.

The test apparatus consists of double wall insulated stainless steel bath with liquid stirring and temperature control system, fully programmable. The bath has an automatic control for immersing the specimens at the beginning of the test, and are out of the bath at the end of test. The bath includes an automatic liquid level control that maintains the liquid level in the tank constant for the duration of the test.

The apparatus can test up to 20 samples (standard, more may be placed optionally). Each test station is supplied with a weight basket, a fixed and a movable clamp, and a digital timer mounted on the operator console that follows each specimen until failure time is reached. All times are digital, and may be reset at once.

ASTM D2552, D5397, F1473
ISO/DIS 16770 Determination of environmental stress