CSI-172 (Flexural Creep Tester )
The CSI-172 Flexural Creep Tester is used to measure the tensile and compressive creep and creep-rupture resistance of plastics under specified environmental conditions.

The Flexural Creep Apparatus consists of:

rigid test rack
dial indicators
loading system

The test specimen is normally a rectangular bar conforming to the requirements of Section 5 of test Method D790. The test rack provides support of the specimen at both ends with a span equal to 16 (+4, -2) times the thickness. The stirrup has a 3.2mm (.125 inch) radius. The deflection of the specimen is measured at mid-span using a dial indicator.
Units are available for testing simultaneously 5, 10, or 15 specimens.
Optionally, high temperature dial indicators may be supplied for special requirements, as well as resolution indication.

ASTM D2990