CSI-182 (Bottle Stress Crack Resistance Tester )
The CSI Bottle Stress Crack Resistance Tester is used for measuring the environmental stress crack resistance of polyethylene containers due to the summation of factors such as design, resin type, blow molding conditions, post treatment and other factors affecting this property.

Model CSI-182 consists of a temperature-conditioning chamber made of non-rusting metal and insulated throughout. The chamber is designed to maintain the required test temperature and airflow.

There are quick-connect type connectors for ease of installing and removing the test containers. The operator control panel features the temperature display, test air pressure and regulator, main power switch, air activation switch, and a temperature start switch.

The system is offered with computer communications, test software with report capability, and all required hardware. Host PC including monitor, keyboard, and mouse is supplied, fully configured, ready for use.
Model CSI-182 is available to simultaneously test 16, 32, 48, 100, or 200 containers.

ASTM D 2561