CSI-187 (Retraction Apparatus )
The CSI-187 Retraction Apparatus is used to measure viscoelastic properties of rubbers and rubber-like materials at low temperatures.

The instrument includes:

Double wall insulated S.S media bath.
Motorized stirrer for uniform temp. distribution.
Electric Rod Heater, stainless steel sheath.
Specimen Rack for six samples.
Eight inches maximum elongation.
Rack Support and alignment jig.
Ramp and Soak type temperature controller for automatic temperature raise rate profile. Holds at -70C for 10 minutes, then maintains a rise rate of 1C per minute.
A wire cage is supplied if dry ice is used. -50C may be attained with the dry ice.

An optional Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System is available for this unit and eliminates the need for the dry ice supply. Cooling profiles for the liquid media is programmable from the temp. controlled and automatically controls a cryogenic electric solenoid valve for Nitrogen injection into the bath. A pressure relieve valve with evaporator and heat exchanger is supplied including all piping and hardware for automatic operation.

ASTM D 1329