CSI-206 (Thermal Protective Performance Tester )
Manufactured from quality components, the TPP-206 meets and exceeds the requirements of ASTM D 4108 for Thermal Protective performance of Materials for clothing by Open-Flame Method. Meets NFPA-1976 for Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) Testing. Optionally, the CSI TPP-206 may be prepared to test materials per the newaest revided requirements of NFPA-1971 and ISO 17492.

The instrument consists of:

Table top cabinet housing. At its base the radiant and convective heat sources, the water cooled shutter, and the sample holding frame.
The control panel features all necessary components for the operation of the apparatus.
With the optional data acquisition package, the TPP-206 is capable of testing materials with unparalleled accuracy, repeatability and convenience.

NFPA 1971
ASTM D 4108
NFPA 1976
ISO 17492