CSI-209 (Newark Flex Tester )
Model CSI-209 Newark Flex Tester was designed for testing the flexibility and adhesion of finishes on upholstery leather.

The instrument consists of a series of cam actuated piston sets that have a rapid and continuous flexing movement. The test samples are clamped in the fixed piston block at one end, and at the other end attached to the movable piston clamp. The test specimen is then forced into a flexing pattern during the closing motion of the clamps.
The test instrument features a constant speed drive maintaining a smooth and consistent flexing of test specimens for the full duration of the test. Stroke length is precisely maintained for the life of the instruments with and requires little maintenance.

A digital electronic cycle counter may be preset to end the test at a required number of strokes (Ford and ASTM models). Or, an electronic timer is provided to end the test cycle at a selected time duration (GM models).

ASTM D 2097
General Motors GM9216P
Ford Motor Co. MF-MH BN-2-2