CSI-217 (Zero Strength Tester )
The CSI Zero Strength Time Tester is the most suitable device for the test of zero strength time (ZST) due to its rapid, simple, and semiautomatic operation. The Zero Strength Time measurement performed in this instrument is used as one of the properties for the classification of certain Polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE) Plastics. Model CSI-217 Zero Strength Time Tester is referenced in ASTM D1430 as the standard test instrument to carry out this test.

In this test instrument, specimens are subjected to a controlled tension and temperature inside a furnace until broken, and a measure of time from initial position to time of failure is measured by a precision digital timer. The measurement is automatically performed and the result is displayed on a digital panel meters.

The apparatus is fully portable and consists of a double furnace operated by a programmable temperature controller. The dual furnace and individual timers allow the user to test two samples at the same time. The furnace is fully enclosed for safe operation and minimum temperature variation.

ASTM D1430