CSI-238 (Vertical Tray Flammability Tester )
This apparatus is used for testing of grouped electrical cables to determine fire resistance

The instruments includes:

Stainless Steel ladder, 96L x 12 W.
Stand to hold ladder in vertical position.
Ribbon burner with mixing-venturi mixer.
Stand to position ribbon burner 18 or 24 from floor, depending on IEEE or UL Specification, & Swivel mount to swing burner 90 on horizontal to ignite and adjust flame.
Burner can be positioned to keep 3 distance from sample.
All necessary plumbing.
Rubber hose to connect control cabinet gas/air supply to ribbon burner.
Control Cabinet contains with two flow meters to use for gas/air. Regulation UL Spec.
Two manometers to use for gas/air. Regulation IEEE Spec.
Air regulator, filter pressure gauge, & air shut-off valve.
Low-pressure propane line regulator, pressure gauge, & shut-off valve.

IEEE Specification 383
UL Specification 1581 For testing of grouped type electrical cables to determine fire resistance.