CSI-27FAA (Flammability Test Chamber )
The CSI-27FAA Flammability Tester Cabinet is used for testing the resistance of materials to flame, flame penetration, propagation and glow when tested under the particular requirements of the listed test methods below.
The apparatus includes a stainless steel draft-free cabinet with access door and glass observation window. The back wall of the cabinet is black with a mirror to observe rear view of sample. The chamber is supplied with a sample holder stand which allows to mount the specimen holder in the required position depending on the test been performed.

Standard Features include:

Stainless Cabinet
Internal Dimensions: 24"w x 13"d x 31"h
Gas burner with integral needle valve
Flame Height Indicator
Positioning fixture for burner
Specimen Holder
Stand, sample holder support
Gas Control Valve
Gas Pressure Gage and Regulator
Gas Flow Meter
Three Digital Timers, 0.1 sec res.

FAA Aircraft Materials Fire Test Handbook-Chapters 1,2 and 3. DOT/FAA/AR-00-12
FAR 25.853 60-sec vertical bunsen burner test
FAR 25.855 12-sec vertical bunsen burner test
FAR 25 30-sec 45-degree bunsen burner test
FAR 25.853 15-sec horizontal bunsen burner