CSI-43 (CSI-Burst Strength Tester )
The CSI-Burst Strength Tester is a simple device used for the measurement of the bursting strength or hydrostatic pressure required to produce a rupture of paper and paper product samples when pressure is applied at a controlled increased rate through a rubber diaphragm. The test appears to simulate some actual use requirements.

Standard Features of model CSI-43 include:

Table top design, fully portable
Specimen clamp assembly: top clamp is 1.200-inch open, and 1.302-inch open lower clamp
Manual clamping mechanism
Rubber Diaphragm, .034-inch thick
Motorized hydraustatic pressuring system
Digital Burst Strength pressure display, 0-300 psi
Operator Console includes all necessary controls for the operation for the apparatus.

ASTM D 202, D 751
ASTM D 774, D 3786