CSI-46 (Flex Resistance Tester )
The CSI Flex Resistance Tester is used to determine the flex resistance of flexible barrier materials such as packaging materials. The tester subjects the specimens to a preselected controlled flex condition which may involve twisting and horizontal motion until failure of the test sample is produced. The flexing and moving action will develop pinholes, or tear on the material. The number, size of the pinholes or other resultant test conditions is reported for the test sample.

The standard instrument features include:

Table-top design, portable
Two test stations
Cycle rate is 45
Predetermined type cycle counter
Automatic end of test after preset flex cycles is reached
Partial and Full Flexing Cycle
Sample Size, 200 x 280-mm.
Standard Electric 115VAC, 60Hz, 1Phase

ASTM F 392
INDA Standard Test IST 160.1
EDENA 220.0-96
MIL-B-131H Fed. Std. 101 Method 2017
DEF STAN 81-75/2