CSI-53 (Pilling Tester )
The CSI Pilling Tester is used to determine the tendency of fabrics to form pills or fuzz under test conditions that simulate wear and normal use.

Because of the expense and time involved in testing fabrics by other means, a laboratory tester has been developed which will test the pilling tendencies of a fabric in relative short length of time using a smaller sample of fabric. The tester utilizes a circular rubbing motion to produce pills.

Features of model CSI-53 include:

Capability to test up to six samples at once.
Choice of specimen holder for performing all referenced test methods.
Brush and Sponge Board Assemblies.
Constant speed motor driven reciprocating table.
Radius of rotation and rubbing surfaces may be varied.
Operator Console for operation of the instrument.
Predetermined type cycle counter to automatically end test after a programmed number of cycles.

ASTM D1375, ASTM D3511
Ford Motor Co. BN-12-4, Ford Motor Co. BN-108-03
General Motors Co. GM 9652-P
Chrysler LP 463-KB37-01
Fed. Test Method 191-5320