CSI-53L (Pilling Tester )
The CSI Leather Pilling Tester was designed jointly with Ford Engineering to evaluate the abrasion resistance of high wear and genuine leathers.

The apparatus main drive system although similar to the one used for the standard pilling tester, has been modified to increase its capacity.
Model CSI-53L is offered in a standard 5 - sample configuration, preferred by product manufacturers. Optionally, units of 2 or 3 stations are available, commonly used in R&D and educational facilities.

The Pilling Tester consists of:

Table, driven by a gear-motor, chain and sprockets, at approx. 58 RPM and 0.75-inch radius. Both the radius of rotation and rubbing surfaces may be varied as a special option to the apparatus.
The reciprocating-rubbing board is removable from the drive mechanism. The board features clamps to firmly hold the individual abrading material (refer to BN 108-14 for specifications) onto the top face of the board that corresponds to each specimen under test. The specimen holder has a rectangular metal base with the necessary clamps and hardware to keep the sample in place during the test. Each sample holder features a set of variable weights that may be adjusted to the desired mass.

Ford Motor Co. Test Method FLTM BN-108-14