CSI-55 (Thickness Compression Recovery Tester )
The CSI Thickness Compression Recovery Tester was designed to give the technician a versatile instrument. By a selection of pressure feet. This instrument meets various ASTM specifications for thickness.

The thickness measurement is made with a preload of 0.5 oz. on the specimen. The indenting load is transferred from a ball bearing support to the indenting plunger by means of a screw, and handwheel. With this arrangement the indenting load (dead weight) may be applied to the sample without impact to measure the compression and removed to measure the recovery. Standard weights supplied with the tester are up to and including 2 pounds. The minimum indenting weight is 2 oz. Heavier weights supplied with the tester may be requested. The choice of one of the following pressure feet may be obtained with the tester: 0.125 inch, 0.250 inch, 0.375 inch, and 1.129 inch diameter. Additional size pressure feet can be supplied upon request.

The Dial Indicator supplied with the instrument is graduated in 0.001 inch. The indicator may be raised or lowered by means of a screw and handwheel to attain a range from 0 to 1 inch thickness. The frame of the tester is made of aluminum and mounts on a flat and ground steel base.

ASTM D 1777