CSI-92 (Stress Crack Resistance )
The CSI Stress Crack Resistance Apparatus allows the operator to determine the susceptibility of plastics to environmental stress cracking under given test conditions.

The apparatus includes:

Nicking Jig.
Specimen Holder Model CSI-92S is manufactured from half hard brass channel.
Test Tubes made from hard glass tubs are used to hold the bent specimens immersed in the test reagent. The tubes are covered with a foil-wrapped cork.

Bending Clamp Model CSI-92B used for bending the ten specimens with controlled imperfections. The clamp is closed after specimens have been inserted by means of a vise or arbor press.

Transfer Tool Model CSI-92T provides a means of transferring the specimens from the clamp to the specimen holder. The transfer tool is placed on top of the closed clamp and closed over the specimens. The specimens are lifted by the transfer tool and placed in the specimen holder by releasing the transfer tool.

Conditioning Bath Model CSI-92CB is a specially constructed tank that includes a liquid media circulator. The bath is made from stainless steel and features double wall insulation . The temperature may be controlled by the use of a programmable controller. The Bath includes specially designed holders for the test tubes.

ASTM D 1693