HRR3 (Heat Release Rate System )
The CSI Heat Release Rate System is the most suitable instrument for testing the heat release rate of interior aircraft cabin materials with unparalleled accuracy, repeatability and convenience.
Manufactured from FAA inspected components, the HRR3 complies with Chapter Five of the FAA Aircraft Material Fire Test Handbook.
The instrument consists of a welded frame, control panel, burn chamber with a pyrex viewing window and an exhaust stack with thermopile. The Calibration and Data Acquisition packages are standard features for the HRR3 Apparatus.

Some of the standard features of this instrument include:
Ten-segment Thermopile arrangement for heat release rate measurement.
Dual solid-state power controllers for radiant heat control.
14 hole upper pilot burner, and lower pilot burner with independent flow meters for methane gas and air supply.
Input air temperature and pressure measurement.
Three sample holders.
Calibration burner, T-type.
Ignition wand and heat resistant gloves.
U-tube manometer.
FAA certificate of conformity.

Computer Data Acquisition and Analysis System includes:
IBM compatible personal computer.
color monitor.
data acquisition system.
HRR3 test software package, windows environment.

Calibration Package includes:
wet test meter.
electronic mass flow controller.
dual heat flux transducer assembly.
rack mount instrumentation cabinet.
push-button methane flow control.

Chapter 5 FAA Fire Test Handbook of Aircraft Materials in compliance with FAR 25.853 Appendix F, Part IV