RPP-206 (Radiant Reflective Performance Tester )
This instrument is used for testing the protective performance of footwear, garment out shell materials, gloves, helmet face-shields, helmet outer covers and helmet shrouds. The radiant reflective value is determined on five test samples by subjecting the test samples to a controlled radiant heat source for a short time period.

The Apparatus includes:

Table top instrument cabinet and control console.
A specimen holder assembly.
Radiant reflective enclosure, with five infrared translucent quartz lamps.
Variable power transformer for radiation level control Copper Calorimeter Sensor assembly per Figure 6-10.4.4.
Pneumatic Shutter with auto actuation for test time.
Air/gage regulator for pneumatic shutter operation.
Chart Recorder Connectors (Chart Recorder not supplied).

NFPA 1976 Standard on Protective Ensemble for Proximity Fire Fighting–2000 Edition Section 6-10