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Custom Scientific Instruments produces a broad range of competitevly priced precision instruments for evaluation of abrasion resistance of various materials. Below you will find some of the popular abrasion models
Category Model Name Test Method
AbrasionCSI-119Ink-Wear Tester - Ford Motor Co.FTML BB 101-20
AbrasionCSI-13Ravel Woven TesterGM 9132P
AbrasionCSI-227Sand Abrasion TesterASTM G65
AbrasionCSI-229Abrasion Tester - AO typePlease Call
AbrasionCSI-267Footwear Abrader (NBS)ASTM D1630
AbrasionCSI-267Footwear Abrader (NBS)FTMS 601
AbrasionCSI-269Mar Abrasion TesterASTM D673
AbrasionCSI-39Flex and Abrasion TesterASTM D3885
AbrasionCSI-45Abrasion Rub TesterASTM D5264
AbrasionCSI-53Pilling TesterASTM D1375
AbrasionCSI-53Pilling TesterASTM D3511
AbrasionCSI-53Pilling TesterFLTM BN 102-04
AbrasionCSI-53Pilling TesterFLTM BN 108-03
AbrasionCSI-53Pilling TesterFTMS 191-5320
AbrasionCSI-53Pilling TesterGM 9652P
AbrasionCSI-53Pilling TesterLP-463KB-37-01
AbrasionCSI-53LLeather Pilling TesterFLTM BN 108-14
AbrasionCSI-59Surface Abrasion Tester - DiaphragmASTM D3886
AbrasionCSI-70The Armstrong Abrasion TesterASTM D1242
AbrasionCSI-77Block-O-Ring Wear Tester