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CSI Offers instruments to evaluate film shrinkcage, tension under high temperature, impact, blocking, permeability and other custom applications
Category Model Name Test Method
FilmCSI-113Water Penetration and Leak TesterASTM E514
FilmCSI-122Chemical Penetration CellASTM F1670
FilmCSI-122Chemical Penetration CellASTM F1671
FilmCSI-122Chemical Penetration CellASTM F903
FilmCSI-126Dart Drop Impact TesterASTM D1709
FilmCSI-135Permeability Gas Cell TesterASTM D1434
FilmCSI-145Air Permeability TesterASTM C522
FilmCSI-145Air Permeability TesterASTM D3574
FilmCSI-152Slide Angle Tester - FrictionASTM D3248
FilmCSI-152Slide Angle Tester - FrictionTAPPI T815
FilmCSI-152SKFriction Tester - KinematicASTM D1894
FilmCSI-152SKFriction Tester - KinematicTAPPI T549
FilmCSI-152SKFriction Tester - KinematicTAPPI T816
FilmCSI-171Film Blocking ApparatusASTM D3354
FilmCSI-188Minimum Film Thickness TesterASTM D2354
FilmCSI-205Shrink Force Tension TesterASTM D2838
FilmCSI-214Micro Tensile TesterPlease Call
FilmCSI-225Moisture Vapor Transmission CupsASTM E96
FilmCSI-89Gas Transmission TesterASTM D1434