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CSI offers an extensive line of test instruments used for evaluation of polymer materials, ranging from flammability to compression, tensile and plastic proccessing R
Category Model Name Test Method
PolymerCSI-100Torsion TesterASTM D1043
PolymerCSI-100Torsion TesterISO 458
PolymerCSI-106Heat Distortion TesterASTM D470
PolymerCSI-11Falling Weight Impact TesterASTM D4495
PolymerCSI-111Nopco Ball Rebound TesterASTM D3574
PolymerCSI-117Pendulum Tear TesterASTM D1424
PolymerCSI-117Pendulum Tear TesterASTM D1922
PolymerCSI-117Pendulum Tear TesterISO 1974
PolymerCSI-117Pendulum Tear TesterTAPPI T414
PolymerCSI-118Dynamic Fatigue TesterASTM D3574
PolymerCSI-122Chemical Penetration CellASTM F1670
PolymerCSI-122Chemical Penetration CellASTM F1671
PolymerCSI-122Chemical Penetration CellASTM F903
PolymerCSI-126Dart Drop Impact TesterASTM D1709
PolymerCSI-126GGardner Falling Weight Impact TesterASTM D4226
PolymerCSI-126GGardner Falling Weight Impact TesterASTM D5420
PolymerCSI-126GGardner Falling Weight Impact TesterGM 9032P
PolymerCSI-127Melt Flow Index TesterASTM D1238
PolymerCSI-128DilatometerASTM D695
PolymerCSI-131FrictionometerASTM D3928
PolymerCSI-135Permeability Gas Cell TesterASTM D1434
PolymerCSI-137Pendulum Impact Tester - ManualASTM D1822
PolymerCSI-137Pendulum Impact Tester - ManualASTM D256
PolymerCSI-137Pendulum Impact Tester - ManualASTM D6110
PolymerCSI-137DPendulum Impact Tester - AutomaticASTM D1822
PolymerCSI-137DPendulum Impact Tester - AutomaticASTM D6110
PolymerCSI-137DPendulum Impact Tester - AutomaticASTM D625
PolymerCSI-141Water Vapor Transmission TesterASTM E398
PolymerCSI-141Water Vapor Transmission TesterTAPPI T523
PolymerCSI-143Bending FormGM 9308P
PolymerCSI-145Air Permeability TesterASTM C522
PolymerCSI-145Air Permeability TesterASTM D3574
PolymerCSI-152SKFriction Tester - KinematicASTM D1894
PolymerCSI-152SKFriction Tester - KinematicTAPPI T549
PolymerCSI-152SKFriction Tester - KinematicTAPPI T816
PolymerCSI-153Brittleness TesterASTM D2137
PolymerCSI-153Brittleness TesterASTM D746
PolymerCSI-153SBrittleness Impact TesterASTM D1790
PolymerCSI-159Tup Impact TesterASTM D2444
PolymerCSI-16Torsion TesterASTM D1053
PolymerCSI-161Bottle Drop TesterASTM D2463
PolymerCSI-170Stress Crack Resistance TesterASTM D2552
PolymerCSI-170Stress Crack Resistance TesterASTM D5397
PolymerCSI-170Stress Crack Resistance TesterASTM F1473
PolymerCSI-170Stress Crack Resistance TesterISO DIS 16770
PolymerCSI-171Film Blocking ApparatusASTM D3354
PolymerCSI-172Flexural Creep TesterASTM D2990
PolymerCSI-175Tensile Tester
PolymerCSI-178Limiting Oxygen Index TesterASTM D2863
PolymerCSI-182Bottle Burst TesterASTM D2561
PolymerCSI-183IMLaboratory Injection Molder - Mixing Mini-MaxPlease Call
PolymerCSI-183KPendulum Impact Tester - KrevitzPlease Call
PolymerCSI-183TIMini Max Impact TesterPlease Call
PolymerCSI-187Retraction ApparatusASTM D1329
PolymerCSI-188Minimum Film Thickness TesterASTM D2354
PolymerCSI-191Biaxial RotatorASTM D3012
PolymerCSI-194CLaboratory PelletizerPlease Call
PolymerCSI-194P2Mixing Extruder - Pilot PlantPlease Call
PolymerCSI-194TLaboratory Take UpPlease Call
PolymerCSI-19SPIFlammability Chamber - CFR 1611CFR 1611
PolymerCSI-205Shrink Force Tension TesterASTM D2838
PolymerCSI-207Pipe Burst ApparatusASTM D1598
PolymerCSI-21Fogging TesterSAE J1756
PolymerCSI-214Micro Tensile TesterPlease Call
PolymerCSI-216Parallel Plate PlastometerASTM D926
PolymerCSI-217Zero Time Strength TesterASTM D1430
PolymerCSI-218Funnel and Cup Pourability SetASTM D1895
PolymerCSI-218Funnel and Cup Pourability SetASTM D4894
PolymerCSI-218Funnel and Cup Pourability SetDIN 53492
PolymerCSI-225Moisture Vapor Transmission CupsASTM E96
PolymerCSI-23Injection Molder - Sample MakerPlease Call
PolymerCSI-235Compression Load Deflection TesterASTM D1056
PolymerCSI-235Compression Load Deflection TesterASTM D1564
PolymerCSI-235Compression Load Deflection TesterASTM D1565
PolymerCSI-235Compression Load Deflection TesterASTM D3574
PolymerCSI-245Melt Elasticity IndexerPlease Call
PolymerCSI-263Shear Tool - Punch TypeASTM D732
PolymerCSI-267Footwear Abrader (NBS)ASTM D1630
PolymerCSI-267Footwear Abrader (NBS)FTMS 601
PolymerCSI-269Mar Abrasion TesterASTM D673
PolymerCSI-29Portable Oxygen Sensor
PolymerCSI-46Flex Resistance TesterASTM F392
PolymerCSI-46Flex Resistance TesterDEF STAN 81-75/2
PolymerCSI-46Flex Resistance TesterEDENA 220.0-96
PolymerCSI-46Flex Resistance TesterFTMS 101-2017
PolymerCSI-46Flex Resistance TesterINDA IST 160.1
PolymerCSI-46Flex Resistance TesterMIL B 131H
PolymerCSI-6Compressibility Test FixtureASTM F36
PolymerCSI-6Compressibility Test FixtureASTM F806
PolymerCSI-70The Armstrong Abrasion TesterASTM D1242
PolymerCSI-89Gas Transmission TesterASTM D1434
PolymerCSI-9Column Crush TesterASTM D2659
PolymerCSI-92Stress Crack ResistanceASTM D1693
PolymerCSI-93Specimen NotcherASTM D256
PolymerHDT-iiiHeat Distortion TesterASTM D1525
PolymerHDT-iiiHeat Distortion TesterASTM D470
PolymerHDT-iiiHeat Distortion TesterASTM D648
PolymerHDT-iiiHeat Distortion TesterISO 306
PolymerHDT-iiiHeat Distortion TesterISO 75
PolymerLE-075Laboratory Mixing ExtruderPlease Call