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CSI manufactures instruments for evaluation of paper and paper products for many years. Model CSi-163 ZDT has been standard in the industry, as well as the Slide Angle tester, and other permeability instruments
Category Model Name Test Method
PaperCSI-117Pendulum Tear TesterASTM D1424
PaperCSI-117Pendulum Tear TesterASTM D1922
PaperCSI-117Pendulum Tear TesterISO 1974
PaperCSI-117Pendulum Tear TesterTAPPI T414
PaperCSI-119Ink-Wear Tester - Ford Motor Co.FTML BB 101-20
PaperCSI-141Water Vapor Transmission TesterASTM E398
PaperCSI-141Water Vapor Transmission TesterTAPPI T523
PaperCSI-152Slide Angle Tester - FrictionASTM D3248
PaperCSI-152Slide Angle Tester - FrictionTAPPI T815
PaperCSI-152SKFriction Tester - KinematicASTM D1894
PaperCSI-152SKFriction Tester - KinematicTAPPI T549
PaperCSI-152SKFriction Tester - KinematicTAPPI T816
PaperCSI-163AZDT Tester - AnalogTAPPI T541
PaperCSI-163DZDT Tester - DigitalTAPPI T541
PaperCSI-18Digital Thickness GageASTM D645
PaperCSI-18Digital Thickness GageTAPPI T411
PaperCSI-190Score Ratio TesterTAPPI T829
PaperCSI-236Book Bulk TesterTAPPI T500
PaperCSI-43CSI-Burst Strength TesterASTM D202
PaperCSI-43CSI-Burst Strength TesterASTM D3786
PaperCSI-43CSI-Burst Strength TesterASTM D751
PaperCSI-43CSI-Burst Strength TesterASTM D774
PaperCSI-43CSI-Burst Strength TesterTAPPI T403
PaperCSI-45Abrasion Rub TesterASTM D5264
PaperCSI-55Thickness GageASTM D1777
PaperCSI-55Thickness GageASTM D1813
PaperCSI-55Thickness GageASTM D366
PaperCSI-55Thickness GageASTM D374
PaperCSI-55Thickness GageASTM D395
PaperCSI-55Thickness GageASTM D5199
PaperCSI-55Thickness GageASTM D645
PaperCSI-55Thickness GageBMS5-90C
PaperCSI-55Thickness GageDIN 53855
PaperCSI-55Thickness GageFTMS 191-5030
PaperCSI-55Thickness GageMTC-123
PaperCSI-55Thickness GageSAE J882-85GM