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CSI has been manufacturing instruments for evaluation of materials used in the automotive industry for many years. Some of the most popular aplications include seam strengh evaluation for leathers, fabric, vinyls and polymer testing
Category Model Name Test Method
AutomotiveCSI-1Seam Fatigue TesterFLTM BN 106-02
AutomotiveCSI-116Ford Crease FormsWSS-M8P18-A2-A3
AutomotiveCSI-119Ink-Wear Tester - Ford Motor Co.FTML BB 101-20
AutomotiveCSI-13Ravel Woven TesterGM 9132P
AutomotiveCSI-143Bending FormGM 9308P
AutomotiveCSI-15CFlex Fold Tester - ChryslerLP-463KB-10-01
AutomotiveCSI-15CFlex Fold Tester - ChryslerLP-463KB-13-01
AutomotiveCSI-15CFlex Fold Tester - ChryslerLP-463LB-9-01
AutomotiveCSI-15FFlex Fold Tester - FordFLTM BN 102-04
AutomotiveCSI-15FFlex Fold Tester - FordFLTM BN 108-09
AutomotiveCSI-15FFlex Fold Tester - FordFLTM BO 13-4
AutomotiveCSI-17Pliability TesterGM 9151P
AutomotiveCSI-209Newark Flex TesterASTM D2097
AutomotiveCSI-209Newark Flex TesterGM 9216P
AutomotiveCSI-24Cold Crack Resistance TesterASTM D1219
AutomotiveCSI-270Cold Impact TesterGM 9140P
AutomotiveCSI-31Steam AutoClave Aging ApparatusASTM D3574
AutomotiveCSI-33Seam Strength TesterGM 9129P
AutomotiveCSI-33Seam Strength TesterGM W3405
AutomotiveCSI-42Horizontal Flammability TesterASTM D5132
AutomotiveCSI-42Horizontal Flammability TesterFLTM BN 24-2
AutomotiveCSI-42Horizontal Flammability TesterFMVSS 302
AutomotiveCSI-42Horizontal Flammability TesterGM 9070P
AutomotiveCSI-42Horizontal Flammability TesterISO 3795
AutomotiveCSI-42Horizontal Flammability TesterSAE J369
AutomotiveCSI-53Pilling TesterASTM D1375
AutomotiveCSI-53Pilling TesterASTM D3511
AutomotiveCSI-53Pilling TesterFLTM BN 102-04
AutomotiveCSI-53Pilling TesterFLTM BN 108-03
AutomotiveCSI-53Pilling TesterFTMS 191-5320
AutomotiveCSI-53Pilling TesterGM 9652P
AutomotiveCSI-53Pilling TesterLP-463KB-37-01
AutomotiveCSI-53LLeather Pilling TesterFLTM BN 108-14
AutomotiveCSI-53LRLint Pick and Retention ApparatusGM 9139P
AutomotiveCSI-8Snag Resistance TesterFLTM BN 108-11